Industrial Advertising?

That’s Industrial Web Host Com, Inc. thanks to a drunken accountant that was ‘handling things’ back in the 90’s. It was supposed to be Industrial Advertising, Inc., but what’s in a name?

In any event, drunk accountants are just part of ‘been around the block’ in business. And we have been around - since before the internet - preparing print advertising materials and Thomas Register programs - all exclusively for manufacturers and distributors.

The company grew with the web cresting with over 300 strictly industrial customers and more than 20 employees. And some of those customers we have for over 30 years. It’s been a lot of clicking.

Now, with web commerce and information technologies matured, industry, especially small manufacturers, struggle to catch up and realize the opportunities.

And that’s why we’ve developed The Web System. Our aim is to provide U.S. manufacturers with a website package that provides substantial advantages in the marketplaces.

Our Web System begins with a professionally engineered website, complete with interactive functions that will impress your customers and put your company in the best possible light.

We Build Websites for American Manufacturers and Fabricators.